... a hideaway of the beat and path

IrieRest Guesthouse in Billys Bay Jamaica

outside view with view on the way to the beach

Irie Rest Guesthouse

is a family-run accommodation in the heart of BillysBay.
The GuestHouse offers several basic 1-2 bedroom apartments, all with private bathroom, screened patio and AC. Two of the apartments are equipped with a full kitchen.

Here at we strive to ensure your vacation is the best it can be. Peaceful hospitable atmosphere ensure a relaxing holiday.


to the beach

Just a quick walk (100m) down a well maintained path to quiet, usually solitary beaches and beautiful sunsets.


BillysBay - a small fishing village on the southcoast of Jamaica

Billy`s Bay

a fishing village of 200 souls in TreasureBeach - Saint Elizabeth - on the southcoast of Jamaica is located far away from mass tourism. Here you will experience the "real jamaica" with the hospitable "local people" who would also like to invite you to their home once.

Children are very welcome here!

BillysBay overview
old picture of IrieRest Lennie offers fresh seafood

IrieRest Guest House

... previously called "Lennie's Runaway Guest House".

That name never really caught on with anyone. When departing guests were asked how they rested, they kept exclaiming "IRIE MON-IRIE-IRIE!"
From this time the Jamaican phrase stuck.
The meaning of the popular Jamaican word "Irie" (alright) is a way of saying "ok - good - great - everything nice".

Lennie, the owner, born and raised resident of Billy´sBay will tell you everything about the area: where to shop, change money, how to get to the different beaches, practices and much more.

He loves to be out early in the morning to sweep the yard.
"I like to keep the yard clean and look fresh."
He try to do everything to makes your holiday at comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Pauline the housekeeper take care of teh guests

The housekeeper ... loving care

Pauline look after the guests very loving and tries to satisfy all their wishes.
She takes care that the rooms and the laundry are clean.

She also offers excellent cooking prepared. Enjoy her breakfast and dinners made with fresh produce and traditional flavors of Jamaica.

Opi the watchman

The night watchman

"Opi" guarded the guests and the yard.

He is a quiet companion, ensures that no one is on the property, who has nothing to do there. He also loves to go with the guests on a walk to the beach.

Lucky, one of the lucky chilren


Whenever you visit IrieRest Guest House, you will find a child.

Lennie and Pauline care for local, needy children, give them love, food, a home and ensure that they can go to school.

strong and healthy food prepared by Pauline

strong and healthy food - no oil - no cholesterin!

Pauline at her workplace

Pauline offers excellent cooking prepared. Enjoy her breakfast and dinners made with fresh produce and traditional flavors of Jamaica.

Flatrate available. Feel free to ask for it.


bami, fried egg, fried bredfruit, fried plantin

Of course the chef also prepares a breakfast for according to your wishes. Feel free to ask for Toast, cooked egg, bacon, butter, jam, honey, fruits, cornflakes or what is your most like.

To the breakfast we serve either Blue Mountain filter-coffee or tea. For children we can offer milk or fruit-juice.


currychicken & vegetables with rice, sweet potato and dumpling

For Dinner we offer:

  • Lobster
  • Jerk chicken - brown steewed
  • Curry chicken
  • Pineapple chicken
  • Curry goat
  • Jerk fish - brown steewed
  • Brown steewed pork
  • Brown steewed beef
  • rost Chicken
  • rost fish

Side dishes:

  • rice
  • rice & peas
  • Dumpling
  • irish potato
  • sweet potato
  • Breadfruit
  • Yam
  • Bami
  • cheese Macaroni
  • Pumpkin (seasonal)
  • Avocato (seasonal)
  • Vegtables (seasonal)
  • Salat

What you dont see, just ask for it.
E N J O Y !

IrieRest entry
local fruits always availible

... is what we want to offer our guests

We strive to ensure your vacation is the best it can be - whether you enjoy activities, sight seeing or just complete rest and relaxation we can help you achieve your goals. In you will receive:

  • clean basic rooms with private bathrooms, screened patios, fans or AC if you prefer
  • excellent food "jamaican style" prepared with fresh produce and traditional flavors of jamaica to your taste, charged at local prices
  • bottled water, soda, Pepsi, Ting, Red Stripe, Guiness, Heineken, Appelton Rum etc ...
  • Airport transfers to Montego Bay or Kingston offered
  • a variety of tours are offered to meet your interests
    ->Visit the tours page for more details and prices
  • Wireless internet available
  • Washing machine available for a small fee
    (Pauline loves to take over this work for you)
  • bicycles, snorkle gear, fishing accessories and other recreational items for rent
    (A small deposit may be needed to insure againt loss or excessive damage.)

The IrieRest Guest House holiday leisure and excursions around Jamaica

stairway to heaven

...from IrieRest Guesthouse to the Places of Interest from Jamaica

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Pelican Bar

On the boat ride along the coastline towards Black River you will see the longest beach of Jamaica. With a bit of luck you will meet here on a Dolphin school or even Mannaties.
The Pelican Bar, a sturdy structure built on top of a sand bar 1/2 mile off shore. Order up some lunch ahead or just cool out in the middle of the sea with a cold beverage and your bathing suit.

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Black River Safari

The name refers to the darkness of the river bed caused by thick layers of decomposing vegetation. Over 100 species of birds have been recorded in the Black River morass. You can explore what feels like real Tarzan country, with mangrove trees and crocodiles in the wild. Lots of wild things grow in these swamps, and birders delight in the bird life. Don´t forget the camera!

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  • ys-06

YS Falls

... one source of the BlackRiver, is a popular recreation destination for Jamaicans. YS Falls, a spectacular natural attraction with the possibility to experience the beauty of the waterfalls in addition to flora and fauna of the area.
Take a refreshing dip or swinging on a rope into one of the seven natural pools the waterfalls plunge into.

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Appelton Estate Rum Factory

Take a tour through the soul of the finest rums in the world. The Appleton Estate has been blending rums since 1749 and the Rum Distillery is sited beside the Black River in one of the most beautiful valleys in Jamaica.
After a lively discussion of the days when sugar cane was crushed by donkey power, the tours move on to a behind the scenes tour of the modern facility. The tour ends with a rum and wine tasting from own production.

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Bamboo Avenue and Middle Quarters

... on the way to YS Falls or Appelton Rum factory the Bamboo-Avenue can be passed through where the big bamboo trees feel like going through a tunnel.
Stop and buy some coveted "Hot Pepper Shrimps" from the various Middle Quarters vendors along the road. Be careful, HOT!

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Accompong Town

Go back into Jamaica’s history and meet the descendants of the first freed slaves in the Western Hemisphere.
The Maroon village "Accompong Town" in the mysterious Cockpits is a great place to “cool out” for a day.  Walking historical tour and hike to the Peace Cave where the treaty was signed ending the Maroon Wars in 1738.  Visit the "Kindah One Family" tree and join a drum circle with the traditional Square "Gombe"!

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Gut River - Aligator Hole - Little Ochi - Lovers Leap

First stop is Gut River, an isolated local spot where the cold river water wells up from the earth in a natural "hole" deep enough to swim and dive.
Then off to see the alligators and manatees in the serene waters of Alligator Hole.
Hungry for seafood? Little Ochi at Aligator Pond is world reknown for it’s fresh Lobster- and Fish Dinners!
On your way home, the driver will take you to Lover’s Leap for a breathtaking view and, hopefully, an incredible and romantic sunset!

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Fishing Trip

Catch your own dinner on a tour with our fishing boot through the open caribian.

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Sunny Island

Secluded white sand bar off the south coast of Jamaica. An ideal spot for snorkeling and fishing!

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2-3 Day Roundtrip to the Northcoast

The stations are arranged according to your wishes:

  • Kingston - Bob Marley Museum
  • Blue Mountains
  • Port Antonio
  • Ochios Rios - shopping and enjoying the best Jerk of the island
  • Duns River Falls
  • Bamboo Rafting
  • Nine Miles - Birthplace, retreat and resting place of Bob Marley
  • Mandeville

On the way there is always the opportunity to take a dip at various bays and beautiful beaches.

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Trip to the longest white beach of Jamaica. Enjoy a unforgetable sunset at Ricks Café.

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Night Hike

As a special Lennie offers depending on wind, weather and the sea, a night walk on the reefs of BillysBay to catch lobsters and crabs or, with a bit of luck, to see a big sea turtle.