... a hideaway of the beat and path

BillysBay overview
old picture of IrieRest Lennie offers fresh seafood

IrieRest Guest House

... previously called "Lennie's Runaway Guest House".

That name never really caught on with anyone. When departing guests were asked how they rested, they kept exclaiming "IRIE MON-IRIE-IRIE!"
From this time the Jamaican phrase stuck.
The meaning of the popular Jamaican word "Irie" (alright) is a way of saying "ok - good - great - everything nice".

Lennie, the owner, born and raised resident of Billy´sBay will tell you everything about the area: where to shop, change money, how to get to the different beaches, practices and much more.

He loves to be out early in the morning to sweep the yard.
"I like to keep the yard clean and look fresh."
He try to do everything to makes your holiday at comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Pauline the housekeeper take care of teh guests

The housekeeper ... loving care

Pauline look after the guests very loving and tries to satisfy all their wishes.
She takes care that the rooms and the laundry are clean.

She also offers excellent cooking prepared. Enjoy her breakfast and dinners made with fresh produce and traditional flavors of Jamaica.

Opi the watchman

The night watchman

"Opi" guarded the guests and the yard.

He is a quiet companion, ensures that no one is on the property, who has nothing to do there. He also loves to go with the guests on a walk to the beach.

Lucky, one of the lucky chilren


Whenever you visit IrieRest Guest House, you will find a child.

Lennie and Pauline care for local, needy children, give them love, food, a home and ensure that they can go to school.